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The Shooting Stars - Pre-Juvenile

The Shooting Stars - Pre-Juvenile: Elena Baskakova, Kayla Brenner, Leena Dey, Elissa Fan, Chelsea Fernandez, Sarah Green, Mira Hsu, Sophia Jiang, Claire LaFarge, Vivian Lin, Stacey Liu, Angela Noyes, Scarlett Pan, Claire Park, Nicole Qian, Madison Ramsey, Louisa (Lulu) Re, Isabella Roman, Vivian Wang, Rachel Wu, and Lillian Yang

Head Coach and Choreographer: Elise Larsson
Shooting Stars - Pre-Juvenile

2018 Eastern Sectional Bronze Medalists

The Shooting Stars-Pre-Juvenile team skates in the pre-juvenile division and they compete in regional competitions. The team focuses on improving each skater's individual and synchronized skating skills. The skaters are 8 to 13 years old and mostly come from the greater Boston area. Each season, it is the team's mission to learn the skills necessary to move up to the juvenile division while also having fun and enjoying a team sport.

The Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile are the 2107 Eastern Sectional Pewter Medalists. The team has won numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in regional competitions demonstrating with a focus on development, excellence is a result.

The Shooting Stars show off their progress by participating in exhibitions and competitions. As they progress throughout the year they will be exposed to a fun learning experience and connect with our more senior skaters who take these young skaters under their wing and share the joy of figure skating. At the end of the year they will have experienced many of the benefits and joys of synchronized team skating. "Synchro is the Experience for a Lifetime."

Exhibitions and Competitions

Nov 18, 17 Boston Classic 2
Dec 09, 17 Cape Cod Classic 2
Jan 05, 18 Colonial Classic 7
Jan 17, 18 2018 Eastern Sectional Championship 3

Recent Activities

Oct 20,17       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Introducing the 2017-2018 Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile

Jan 01,17       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Formal Team Photo 2016-2017

Sep 01,16       Shooting Stars PJ

Our first team photo for the 2016-2017 season

Jan 01,16       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Spirit Day practice for PJuv in PJs

Dec 11,15       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Cape Cod Classic

Jan 10,15       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Colonial Classic - First ones out on the ice!

Jan 10,15       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile at Colonials

Jan 01,15       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Lots of fun volunteering for Cradles to Crayons!

Dec 12,14       Shooting Stars PreJuv

20th Cape Cod Classic - 2nd Place - Having lots of fun!

Nov 22,14       Shooting Stars PreJuv

First time competing at the Boston Classic, 1st place, Welcome to Wonderland!

Nov 22,14       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile at the Boston Classic

Nov 22,14       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile looking great at the Boston Classic

Nov 02,14       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile exhibiting their 2014-2015 program

Jan 29,14       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Bowling fun in Hershey, PA

Jan 18,14       Shooting Stars PreJuv

New England Challenge Cup Awards Ceremony

Dec 08,13       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Having fun making a video for the contest at Cape Cod Classic

Oct 27,13       Shooting Stars PreJuv

Halloween Spirit Practice

Jan 19,13       Shooting Stars PreJuvenile

Pre Juv wins Gold at New England Challenge Cup

Jan 04,13       Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile win gold at Colonial Classic!

Jan 04,13       Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile just find out they earned a gold Medal!

Jan 04,13       Shooting Stars Pre Juvenile

Shooting Stars Pre Juvenile ready to Compete

Dec 15,12       Shooting Stars - Pre-Juvenile

Mini Shooting Stars, Preliminary Shooting Stars and Pre-juvenile Shooting Stars sing holiday songs at The Gables, a local retirement community

Dec 09,12       Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile

Shooting Stars Pre-Juvenile win Gold at the Cape Cod Classic

Oct 20,12       Shooting Stars - PreJuvenile

Halloween Party